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  • Beginners Guide to joining the Yachting Industry

    Who is this guide for?


    This 75 page Ebook is for anyone considering joining the yachting industry in any position. Maybe you have heard about the yachting industry and you’re curious or you’re fully committed to diving in head first- I have devised my tried and tested methods to make it happen!


    If you believe you are…

    ✔ Ambitious
    ✔ Passionate
    ✔ Unsure about your next step
    ✔ Love hospitality
    ✔ Want to save money
    ✔ Wanderlust fever
    ✔ Energetic
    ✔ Creative
    ✔ Motivated
    ✔ Craves a fast-paced, exciting career


    Then this Ebook is for you….


    What you’ll get from my Ebook:

    ✔ This guide has been prepared with love and care to ensure every little detail of joining the industry has been covered.
    ✔ It is packed full of my own industry tips plus lots of personal experiences and anecdotes about when I was in your position.
    ✔ All the reasons why you should choose yachting as a career and considerations you need to make to establish if this is right for you.
    ✔ ALL types of yachts and different yacht operations and what to expect from each
    ✔ The positions available on board and what is right for you as a beginner and the best effective steps to get there.
    ✔ The courses you need and what to expect

    ✔ How to Create your CV
    ✔ Yacht Seasons- where is best for you to start your journey
    Visa’s for yachtingMy personal packing tips
    Yachting hostels and how to make the most of this time
    Best tried and tested ways of networking, formally and informally
    Dock walking and how to be a pro
    That first interview and how to nail it!
    Real industry Captain advice
    I discuss Below Deck and address the ‘career suicide’ stigma
    Your very own beginners glossary to get ahead of the game
    FULL comprehensive resource list of agencies, yacht hostels and crewing platforms


    The Beginners guide to joining the Yachting Industry covers it all and so much more. It is a fun, informative and clear guide which takes the guess work out of exactly what is involved in the industry and how to be a part of it!

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  • CV Upgrade

    Your CV is a very important tool for landing that first job and it has just a few minutes to capture the attention of your future employer. Sign up to my affordable CV upgrade for a bespoke service to help you get your dream job. Investing in a professionally sound CV that stands out from the crowd will give you that extra confidence when applying to your chosen position.

    Why Choose THIS Service?

    As well as writing my own successful yachting CV’s that have landed me my jobs, I also have experience in the hiring process and reviewing many hopeful applicant’s CV’s. I know just what it takes to make that CV sparkle and with an English language based degree, when it comes to the spelling and grammar being on point, I’ve got your back! I understand that saving money on a professional service like this whilst you’re job hunting is especially important, so instead of paying the usual $100-$200, The Nauti Yachtie Coach offers a comparable CV makeover for just $50 with a short turn-around.

    What I need from you?

    A copy of your current CV in an open format (i.e. Word doc)
    A smart, professional photograph of yourself.*

    *The photograph has to be up-to-date so have someone else take your photo against either a plain white back ground or even in front of a nice yachting related backdrop i.e. a Marina or the Ocean! The image needs to be your head and shoulders or full body. You need to be well presented and groomed. I would recommend a white polo and a plain coloured skirt or shorts. Girls should wear minimal make up and have your hair tied back from your face. Please send the image in a .jpeg or .png

  • Gigayacht Package

    Be unstoppable in your pursuit into the yachting industry with the ‘Beginners Guide to joining the Yachting Industry’ Ebook, the CV Upgrade, a one-to-one consultation with me to answer any questions you might still have about the industry, competition entry and 20% off future guides.

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  • Superyacht Package

    Purchase both the ‘Beginners Guide to joining the Yachting Industry’ Ebook, a one-to-one consultation and Competition Entry to prepare you for a career in the yachting industry. In such a competitive world getting a leg up is essential to success!

    Original price was: $90.00.Current price is: $70.00.
  • Zoom One-on-One

    In this 30 minute one-on-one zoom session, I am here to answer any questions you might have about the industry. We can also work together to road map your personal journey to joining the industry wherever you might be based. I can offer advice, contacts and guidance and get to know you and your goals within superyachting. Together we can create a solution based plan. Let’s Chat!