CV Upgrade


Your CV is a very important tool for landing that first job and it has just a few minutes to capture the attention of your future employer. Sign up to my affordable CV upgrade for a bespoke service to help you get your dream job. Investing in a professionally sound CV that stands out from the crowd will give you that extra confidence when applying to your chosen position.

Why Choose THIS Service?

As well as writing my own successful yachting CV’s that have landed me my jobs, I also have experience in the hiring process and reviewing many hopeful applicant’s CV’s. I know just what it takes to make that CV sparkle and with an English language based degree, when it comes to the spelling and grammar being on point, I’ve got your back! I understand that saving money on a professional service like this whilst you’re job hunting is especially important, so instead of paying the usual $100-$200, The Nauti Yachtie Coach offers a comparable CV makeover for just $50 with a short turn-around.

What I need from you?

A copy of your current CV in an open format (i.e. Word doc)
A smart, professional photograph of yourself.*

*The photograph has to be up-to-date so have someone else take your photo against either a plain white back ground or even in front of a nice yachting related backdrop i.e. a Marina or the Ocean! The image needs to be your head and shoulders or full body. You need to be well presented and groomed. I would recommend a white polo and a plain coloured skirt or shorts. Girls should wear minimal make up and have your hair tied back from your face. Please send the image in a .jpeg or .png