Beginners Guide to joining the Yachting Industry

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Who is this guide for?


This 75 page Ebook is for anyone considering joining the yachting industry in any position. Maybe you have heard about the yachting industry and you’re curious or you’re fully committed to diving in head first- I have devised my tried and tested methods to make it happen!


If you believe you are…

✔ Ambitious
✔ Passionate
✔ Unsure about your next step
✔ Love hospitality
✔ Want to save money
✔ Wanderlust fever
✔ Energetic
✔ Creative
✔ Motivated
✔ Craves a fast-paced, exciting career


Then this Ebook is for you….


What you’ll get from my Ebook:

✔ This guide has been prepared with love and care to ensure every little detail of joining the industry has been covered.
✔ It is packed full of my own industry tips plus lots of personal experiences and anecdotes about when I was in your position.
✔ All the reasons why you should choose yachting as a career and considerations you need to make to establish if this is right for you.
✔ ALL types of yachts and different yacht operations and what to expect from each
✔ The positions available on board and what is right for you as a beginner and the best effective steps to get there.
✔ The courses you need and what to expect

✔ How to Create your CV
✔ Yacht Seasons- where is best for you to start your journey
Visa’s for yachtingMy personal packing tips
Yachting hostels and how to make the most of this time
Best tried and tested ways of networking, formally and informally
Dock walking and how to be a pro
That first interview and how to nail it!
Real industry Captain advice
I discuss Below Deck and address the ‘career suicide’ stigma
Your very own beginners glossary to get ahead of the game
FULL comprehensive resource list of agencies, yacht hostels and crewing platforms


The Beginners guide to joining the Yachting Industry covers it all and so much more. It is a fun, informative and clear guide which takes the guess work out of exactly what is involved in the industry and how to be a part of it!