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Can you work on a Superyacht with Tattoo’s? And other common questions answered!

Can you work on yachts if you have tattoos? Ok, so in short- Yes! It’s not impossible to find a yacht job if you have tattoos, and all boats have different rules towards them. Some will say ‘absolutely no visible tattoo’s of any sort’… Others might say ‘Ok, as long as they’re small and discreet’ and you may get the

The Nauti Yachtie Coach Launch!

The top 10 things I learned from launching my first business and how this can be applied to almost anything! If you’ve ever launched a new business before, I’m sure you can relate to that overwhelming mix of feelings that comes with it. After months of hard work, anticipation, back and fourth with web designers, days of self doubt, frustration,

Covid Cruise Crew Considering Luxury Alternative!

Why Cruise Ship Crew should make the shift to Superyachts! When you work on a superyacht, people not ‘in the know’ often mistake what you do for working on a cruise ship. Most people in our industry find this a little annoying. It’s kind of like mistaking economy class for flying private jet. I guess a certain amount of ego