Are you ready to swap your wings for fins?

Why Covid is the perfect time for cabin crew to join the superyacht industry.

As we all know, the Covid pandemic has triggered a phenomenal depression for global airline carriers and the livelihood of cabin crew has been thrown in to uncertainty, with a bleak and indefinite recovery time for the industry. This is without doubt, a very vulnerable and difficult period for cabin crew. While the aviation industry are making losses and forced to stop recruitment and cut existing jobs, the superyacht industry is booming! There are more billionaires than ever and that figure is on the rise and as a result, more people buying and chartering superyachts. The 0.01%, aka the ULTRA HIGH NET WORTH folk, have actually become richer during the pandemic- $565 billion richer to be exact, (according to Washington DC-based think tank). So while the rest of the world feel the corona shock wave, it’s quite the contrary for the mega-rich! How lovely! *insert eye roll*

Cabin crew, it’s time to turn the negative effect of covid in to a positive! Think of it as a forced shake up in to starting a new and even more (in my opinion) exciting career… and here’s the best part… a career where your existing skills and personality type fit almost too perfectly.



The wanderlust fever synonymous in yacht crew is felt as strongly by their flying cabin crew counterparts!  A huge draw for working within the aviation industry is the promise of travelling the world, flying from one new foreign land to the next. Well news flash, working on a superyacht involves copious amounts of travel and with plenty of time based in different places to see and explore.

Long Unsociable Hours 

Cabin crew are already well acquainted with being away from home, working long hours and with demanding shift work spent on their feet – and all with a big smile! We feel you- yachties endure a similar work life on board, so if you’re already used to such an unconventional and physically demanding job, then you’re already used to the hard part.

Hospitality at Heart

Ofcourse cabin crew are constantly guest facing and so customer service and making the passengers comfortable, happy and at ease during their flight is paramount, so strong interpersonal and communication skills are extremely important.  Maybe you even have experience on Private Jets or in First and Business class so you already may understand the level of clientele onboard superyachts? You probably are well versed in staying calm and diplomatic when faced with difficult passengers? Ofcourse you are! The superyacht industry centres around providing the highest level of service imaginable to the mega rich, so as long as you have an existing passion for hospitality- everything else is teachable.

Safety and Training

In order to work on a superyacht, it is essential to complete an STCW course which focuses on safety at sea with ongoing safety practices continually practiced and drills onboard to keep your fellow crew and beloved guests safe! Just like you , who endure extensive emergency courses and training for keeping your passengers safe in the sky! You understand how this is a fundamental skill set and obtaining this transferrable knowledge should be an easy and enjoyable process. 

Look the Part

To be employed as cabin crew, employers often have physical requirements ‘due to space restrictions’ within the galley; these may include minimum/maximum height requirements and ‘proportionate’ bodyweight with visible tattoos and piercings being strongly discouraged. Just like on a yacht, staff are required to look smart, polished and presentable- So, chances are, aesthetically, you already fit the bill!

I think it’s safe to say that there are many similarities and transferrable skills between cabin crew and superyacht crew and many more than the ones listed. With this pandemic, it is the perfect time to disembark in to a new, yet paralleled career path. With the amount of new super yachts being launched on the rise, the need for new crew is obvious, and holding a professional aviation background is extremely desirable for recruiters and Captains. Read my ‘Beginners Guide to Joining the Yachting Industry’ to learn what yachting is all about, the basics and how to get started. 

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